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ROBBERT - Robert van Eijden & Martijn Vugteveen
main characters: Robbert, Zero, Olav, Enno
appears irregularly - in Dutch only

This comic strip prides itself in being a Dutch dadaist comic strip - I am inclined to answer that 'mediocre' and 'dadaist' are not exactly interchangeable.
Robbert involves three uninteresting characters and an alien. And even in saying that, I make the concept sound more interesting than it is.
There is no real concept, this strip is just a bunch of average jokes, and that's about all that's there to say about it.
Of course, I shouldn't neglect the fact that there is an audience for this comic. And some of the jokes are pretty good. So judge for yourself wether this comic is good or not.
However, when it tries to go for the title of Dutch dadaist comic strip, I would rather refer you to Scribbly.

Click here to read "Robbert" for yourself