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Probeersel By Rene van Densen

summary: Probeersel is the five part graphic novel adventure of a man completely without a past. In the first issue, Probeersel finds himself with no memory of his life before the first panel. He proceeds to stumble through life, attempting to rediscover who he is over the protests of everyone he meets. Guided by a mysterious, seemingly mystical stranger, a psychiatry student, and a homeless hippy, Probeersel discovers what is actually important about life.

The comic takes some getting used to. The art is unconventional from an American point of view, and can be alternately annoying and charming as the series goes on. The writing is often disjointed and confusing, leaving the reader in much the same state as Probeersel himself (which may well be intentional.) The ultimate goal of the series seems to be little more than an outlet for the author's political and philosophical opinions, with the ultimate lesson being that there is little point in having ideas if you don't try and use them to affect the world around you.In the end all the secrets of Probeersel's life are revealed. sort of. It is a literary trick that can also be either annoying or charming, depending on your point of view. On the whole the series is worth a good read, although those with a dial-up modem will want to set aside a bit of time to load the images. While neither the art nor ideas that make up Probeersel are incredibly complex, neither are they worth ignoring.

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