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main characters: Martin, Thurston, Evi
appears weekly - in English only

Martin's Misdirection is a weekly comic about a young magician who struggles with such matters as disappreciative audiences, a nutty sarcsatic rabbit named Thurston, the neighbour's kid from hell, and the general stupidity of the world.
The concept is reasonably original, the art is very charming, the jokes are occasionally pure marbles of wittiness. Burks knows what he's doing and the comic shows it.
So what can be said about this comic that's negative ? Not too much. The jokes should appeal to a pretty wide range of people, but perhaps - as is the case with most comics - not to all. Other than that, finding obvious flaws in this comic presents quite the challenge.
If there are any flaws in the comic, I'd have to get subjective instead of objective. I personally think the characters are rather one-dimensional in personality, and in all it's time running, they haven't really grown all that much. When the art looks so rich, one-dimensional characters contrast with it in my mind. But that could just be me.
Also, most of the time, Thurston kind of annoys me. He's supposed to be a cute character, and I don't know why - maybe it has to do with his huge laughing mouth all the time - but he just annoys me a bit.
Mind you, these comments come out if you dig EXTREMELY deep into my psyche, and I'm kind of exaggerating them, here, to be honest, too. Martin's Misdirection is a nearly flawless, perfectly enjoyable comic, and you should check it out.
Don't listen to anything else that scary reviewer man says...

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