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LEWIS TRONDHEIM (aka. Laurent Chabosy) - French comic artist

Lewis Trondheim is unique. And pretty ingenious.
Lewis Trondheim is a renowned French comic artist whom I know very little about to be honest. I did read some of his books (well, translations) and was impressed. But I can't say I know everything there is to know about this fella.
All I know is, his site looks awesome, looks clear to navigate, is very informative.. if you can read French fluently. Unfortunately, my French is at justabout the same level as my far-from-extensive knowlegde of Chinese.
But hey, if the little information I just gave you got you curious, and if your French is at a reasonable level or higher, I say, check this site out. And if you only wish to look at the pweddy pictjers anyway, then you're not reading this review to begin with, but please, feel free to click the link as well.

Click here to surf Lewis Trondheim's site for yourself