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main characters 'Road Waffles': Haley, Bruno, Merv, Elegeia, Tash, Chipmunk, Worm, Sean, Claire, Julia, Marcus, Marsh, Floyd
main characters 'Road Waffles The Sequel': Moses, Marlie, 'Bob', Romie
appears irregularly - in English only

Keenspot hosts a lot of reasonably crappy comics (I'll refrain from making it seem can do better, here). They also host some really good ones, like Sinfest.
And then there's several comics done by a comic artist called Eight. Now, I've done some pretty thourough searching, because I'm genuinely curious, but not even the Keenspot forums (though it's often discussed) reveal his real name. So 'Eight' will have to do. He did do a short comic series 'Yet Another!' in Illustrator under the pseudonym Luke N. Lucendo, but admitted in a newsposting that he made that up from the latin sentence 'lucus a non lucendo'. So.. it's 'Eight'. Best I could do in my research.
Eightland is his, recently revised, main page, collecting all the comics and other stuff he's done in past years. The main attraction is 'Road Waffles', a randomly-evolving storyline comic with great art, a Roman Dirge-ish sense of humour. There's an introductionary warning on Eightland that says it all:

Welcome to the site! If you're a first timer, it should be noted that this comic strip is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. In fact, mentally undeveloped, protected, overly sensitive children or humorless adults should not read this comic.
All warnings aside, you are now ready to enjoy one of the internet's most critically acclaimed cult webcomics! Started by Eight in November 1999, Road Waffles had grown to the beastial size of over 300 strips in about two years, and now in 2003 it has been revived with a new cast of characters for your reading pleasure!
If you enjoyed Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, U-Turn, or movies by Quentin Tarantino, you will most likely enjoy this comic greatly. Now, time to strap yourself in and hang on until your knuckles bleed, because this ride is about to plummeting downward out of control!

I waded through the entire archive (and it took me a *long* time) and enjoyed it all hugely. I mean, we're talking about storylines like a robber taking the person she robbed on a road trip to Vegas, undead zombie armies, chipmunks bearing heavy firearms, alternative universes, lesbian action (not to mention numerous mentionings of cucumbers), violence, love... Road Waffles has it all. And 'The Sequel' starts it all off with a whole new set of characters that enter the plot one by one, in much the same random, awesomely funny way.
There's several other comics on there but as I write this, a lot of them are dead links for now, because it's still being revised at this point. A lot of other links also give you nice 404's. But what I've seen work there for now, already is awesome. I recommend everyone checks it out for themselves.
Unless you don't like quality comics. In which case, keep browsing Keenspot.

Click here to visit Eightland for yourself