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CUL DE SAC - Dutch comic artist friendly bar

As I posted at some point on our site's blog: For those of you who may have missed earlier mentionings of this awesome bar, it's located here in my home city, Tilburg, and even though their focus is mainly on (great) music, the place is crowded with local comic celebrities, including myself. People like Gummbah, Jean-Paul Arends, Patrice v/d Linden, Ivo van Leeuwen, and several other reasonably well-known people are often found there getting shitfaced. It's a spectacle and if you're ever in the neighbourhood, you should come check the place out. Besides comic artists hanging out there, they've in the past put some of my own drawings on exhibition, they've hosted the Eefje Wentelteefje Roadshow, and De Bedenkelijk Kijkende Grondeekhoorn-evening, so they can deny their link to the comics world as much as they want but they're not gonna get away with it.
The site has been redesigned from an earlier Flash-enriched version into a (to my opinion more userfriendly) modules-powered site with a sleek-looking new design. Nice !
The bar itself is great as I mentioned (and my favourite drink is on the liquor menu there, although yours truly did have something to do with that) and the site is nicely informative about it. So even if you don't want to look at the site, you should at least check out the bar then. If you're ever in the neighbourhood. Odds are I'll be in there too.

Click here to surf the Cul de Sac site for yourself