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Cheese 'n Rice - Lorina Lynn Scott
main characters: Elsie, Genny, Wanda, Keri, Gavin, Dell, Spencer
appears Mondays and Thursdays - in English only

Quoting the site:
Cheese-N-Rice is a serial comic strip about a couple of unlikely best friends dealing with life, love, family, work and the hassles of everyday life, with a sarcastic sense of humor and a unique take on the world. Elsie is a smart, spunky computer programmer. Genny, her ditzy, unnaturally blonde roommate, is a nail technician. They're best friends who, like all friends, occassionally get on each others' nerves, but will stick up for their buddies no matter what.
This comic is charming, just like the art. It's not spectacularly good but it's got an ever growing audience and in my opinion deserves its popularity. It simply *is* one of the better web comics out there. There's a lot of plot lines, but they're not too complex and you can just leap into the most recent comic most of the time, even if you've never read it before.
As for the site, it navigates in a very userfriendly way (although good luck in getting to the first comic), it's clear, to the point, there's a little forum for interactivity, the design isn't very unpleasing to the eye.. I'd have to search pretty hard to say anything really negative about Cheese 'n Rice.
I recommed checking it out.

Click here to check out "Cheese 'n Rice" for yourself