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BIELZENBLUES - Maarten Pathuis
main characters: Wim, Henk, Coby, Marcel
appears daily - in Dutch only

Maarten Pathuis knows what people who travel to an office job and who read the Metro daily want to read about: about people like themselves.
So he created a comic that revolves around two routined commuters, Wim and Henk, Henk being a pretty normal guy that just can't seem to improve his love life much, and Henk being an accountant with a very sick, perverted mind and very loose morals, who has been married to his female equivalent, Coby, for a long time.
The plotlines often get people talking, mostly thanks to Wim's ethical beliefs. In the end, as with most syndicated comic strips, everything pretty much stays the same. Wim always gets his job back, stays married to the same wife, Henk will never have a girlfriend for longer than the plotline allows, and gay Marcel will always be hiding around the corner waiting for an opportunity to lay either of the two.
I personally think it's better than Pathuis' other comic (well, collection of weekly cartoons), Het Kantoor.

[Note from the reviewer: since the 1st of May, 2002, this comic has been retired. There might still be an archive up though.]

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