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Academic Probation - Darrell Etherington & Bryan Huff
main characters: Marco, Kyle.
appears irregularly - in English only

Ok, I have to ask.. what is it with all the damn college comics online ?
Is it just me or does college just seem too damn easy, when you realise how many people in college have the time to start doing all these damn webcomics ? THEY'RE EVERYWHERE !
And most online college comics, that is, webcomics by people in college about people in college, aren't even FUNNY. Or well-drawn. Or worth looking at, damnit !!

Luckily, Academic Probation isn't amongst these stupid, STUPID college webcomics. Academic Probation doesn't completely meet the art level of say, Goobs, or the wittiness of, say, Reasons Why We Rule, but it's still pretty good.
(Interesting note: Scott Hepting, artist for 'Goobs', did a guest comic in this series. Just FYI.)
It's about two roommates (big surprise ! - ok, canning the sarcasm. Sorry), Marco and Kyle, a total asshole and his shy geeky pal. Although the comic is mostly limited to Marco insulting Kyle and Kyle saying 'I hate you', it's still pretty enjoyable.
The comic seems to appear irregularly, for obvious reasons (both artists occasionally have exams and such)
It's worth checking out, and I'm not just saying that because this review gave me the opportunity to rant about stupid, stupid college webcomics.

Click here to check out "Academic Probation" for yourself