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Jaaaaa Pannekoeken !! - 5 Year Anniversary of

summary: on the evening of August 5th, in bar Cul de Sac in Tilburg, the Netherlands, will celebrate its five year anniversary with a wide variety of live performances, ending with the inauguration of Troy Titane and René van Densen as 'nightlife mayors' of the city.

Thee online webcomics community is celebrating its five year existance. Founder René van Densen organises a festive evening in his habitual bar Cul de Sac (Korte Heuvel in Tilburg), Saturday August 5th, 2006, titled: Jaaaaa Pannekoeken !! Various webcomic artists and other performers will climb the stage. The evening starts at 8 PM (20:00 CET). Entrance is free.

René van Densen founded first to promote his own comic ‘Probeersel’. Soon, however, other (international) comic artists joined the site. Currently the independent, obstinate, non-subsidised community counts 16 members, of varying nationalities. Stylistically and thematically the comics on the site also vary a great deal. The site attracts a monthly average of some 15.000 unique visitors and is currently being redesigned (the launch of the new design should hopefully coincide with the Augustust 5th show).
Van Densen is known in the comic world as one of the pionieers of the Dutch webcomic. In 2005 he organised the first Europese webcomic convention Clickburg, he was one of the first Dutch comic artists to take the 24 Hour Comic challenge (and publish it live online on this site), and last year he organised, in co-operation with Ruimte-X and various other organisations, a live comic drawing event at the Tilburg Fair (the biggest fair in the Benelux, and the comic event is currently seeing its second edition under a new organisation).

An evening full of variety
Van Densen put together a very varying programme for the evening. He himself will be acting as host, singer, stand up comedian and he will give a naturalisation course for the Tilburg nightlife (potentially supported by animation by Matt Baay). Other Probeersel artists stepping into the spotlight are Argibald (act not yet definite), Bandirah (who will be giving a lecture about ants), Gregory Cathalina (with his rock 'n roll band Emperör) and Troy Titane. Together with Los Holmos (aka Frank Crijns, music) Titane (text) composed, especially for this evening, ‘Canto 9/de stad Dis’. A sort of mini-opera, which will be doomed to fail under its own pretentions. Piano player Harmen Fraanje also joins Titane and Holmos in this act.

At midnight, at the end of this evening, Van Densen and Titane will be crowned the first two official 'nachtburgemeesters' (nightlife mayors) of Tilburg. At exactly 0.00 they will both hold their inaugural speech. Titane and Bandirah will then continue to play pleasant records for the remainder of the night.
Titane and Van Densen have been chosen by a jury under president and former Tilburg alderman of Culture Wilbert van Herwijnen. Van Herwijnen will address the two 'nachtburgemeesters' from his vacation address (Brazil) via a live video connection.
Van Densen was chosen, according to the jury report, 'because he is one of the impressional people seen in the Tilburg nightlife'.
Titane was chosen because in his columns, stories and cartoons he ‘shows a side of this city that normally remains hidden from plain view’.
Van Densen and Titane will serve in this function for two years.

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