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MHVAEKDP: BACKGROUND INFORMATION (ENGLISH)    (klik voor nederlandse tekst)

The year is 1994, and I am scribbling bored in between my notes in class at school. I'm drawing a moustache, then some hair. Then a tie. And I realise I've created a character...
I started drawing Maak Het Verhaal Af En Kleur De Plaatjes in the last few months of 1994. I drew seven full pages, each with five strips, before New Year. In 1995 I added quite a number of other strips to them, but I soon preferred to work on Opgedragen Aan Een Zieke Maatschappij, which is also to be found in the PROBEERSEL.COM page.
The original material I drew in those days can be found here, but in 1997, I decided to redo the comic.. in a different way. I went digital. It was my first comic to be stored in a computer.

For the transition to the digital version I used a program that my good friend Tom made, and that until then was only used for me to make animation images for the games we made. It was called TCPMP, which meant Turbo C Picture Making Program. Hey, the name worked, ok :P ?
The good old days... it was all still DOS then, no bluescreens, nothing :) and making a comic digital meant pixel by pixel. Actually, TCPMP was pretty advanced for an own-made imaging program. You can see that for yourself in the following screengrabs: 1 2. I'd put it up to download but I doubt it is of any use to anyone.
I then screengrabbed the images with the oldfashioned WordPerfect 5.1 GRAB program.. and oldfashioned as it all may sound, it worked :)
I made a WP51 file with all the re-done strips and published quite a lot of the strips again later in BlindSight. When I started making my (ew, GeoCities..) first homepage, the WP-file turned up ZIPped under downloads, and has always been a download on my page, even when I switched to XOOM. I did update the file though, by saving it in WP6.0 format.
Then recently (I'm writing this in October 2000) I decided to rip the images from the WP-file and give this comic it's own little site, so I started crackin' on that. You're looking at the results :).. A friend from online helped me find a fontmaking program so I could turn the specially-made 'font' that I used in the pictures into an actual font to make the translation into English a little easier. Maybe I'll upload it here sometime, when I add more characters to it.
Then another friend mentioned recently the idea of adding a sort of add-your-own concept to it.. which sounds very intruiging, though technological hugely over my head right now. But, you never know, maybe in the faraway future :)
That pretty much sums up the history of the comic.. I hope you enjoy(ed) reading it.


There are many, and all nameless, characters that I used in the original version of this comic. For the digital version I only salvaged a few. I have listed them all here, even though some have only appeared in like, one picture ever.


Not bad, after all... 50% of the characters survived the transition to the digital version *grin*.